Talking Motors: Why simple is better to enjoy driving experience

Rob Lee is a fan of a purer driving experience
Rob Lee is a fan of a purer driving experience
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Driving feels like one of the last bits of freedom we have, whether it is doing mile after mile on the motorway or enjoying the tight twists and turns of a country lane.

But cars are starting to become more and more complex. Driver aids are being added to cars all in the name of safety but, some of them will distract the petrol head from the one thing they want to do, enjoy the car they are driving.

Some driving aids, like sat nav, Bluetooth and music integration can be lived with because they don’t always get used.

Most people will have music on when they are driving in the form of the radio so having your own music on won’t really change things.

Sat nav also provides that added safety net that it can direct you roughly to the right area if you need it.

But some driving aids just get in the way and take the enjoyment out of driving.

The car might jump on the brakes before you at some point when you are driving down a country road, slamming on because you were trying to cut the apex of a corner a bit fine.

The simpler a car is the more likely you are to enjoy it as you are less inclined to find out what this button does, and wondering what happens if you change that setting on the car. You remove the temptation of having all the bells and whistles from the top of the range car and you are back in real driving experience territory.

With nothing to distract you from driving, you can focus on the road ahead. As you’re less likely to look at something on a display, you can see the obstacle that the parking assist would brake for. The simpler the cockpit of your car the more likely you are to enjoy driving because it feels like you are actually driving a car instead of something similar to what NASA would produce.