TALKING SPORT - Gomez is a class act, in more ways than one

JORDI Gomez displayed his calibre on the pitch last Saturday... and off it as well.

He ignored fans’ early jeers to finish the match with a fine hat-trick, securing Latics an important 3-2 win against Reading in the process.

It was Gomez’s first treble since he was 12-years-old. Wigan’s first in nearly five years.

If he wanted to send his shirt home to Spain or treasure it, most would understand.

But instead, minutes after the full-time whistle, he walked out of the dressing room and presented it to my colleague Paul Kendrick – to help raise money for his charity Joseph’s Goal. And in doing so, he gave new meaning to the phrase, ‘form is temporary, class is permanent’.

SPEAKING of charitable efforts, it’s impossible not to mention the efforts made for Joining Jack.

Let’s hope theteam of legends give the charity a huge boost in the Dubai 7s this week.

NEW kits always polarise opinions.

But with a traditional home strip and an eye-catching purple away design, I think Wigan have got them both right this year.

JOHN Kear’s autobiography landed on my desk yesterday.

During a quick glance through the pages last night, I came across this insight into what Andy Farrell was like as a Wigan captain, from when Kear was assistant coach.

“The coaching staff were having a coffee, when Andy came in and told us he had sent a player home,” he revealed. “We asked what he meant, and he said the player had come in smelling of booze. Faz decided to throw him out. He said: ‘It’s not acceptable at this club’. The standards they had at Wigan were very much policed by the players themselves.”

I HOPE, before RFL officials rule on outlawing shoulder charges, they speak to Anthony Gelling.

He played in New Zealand where a ban is already in place, and said it made no difference. They still went on.

More players are injured making side-steps than from being on the receiving end of shoulder charges.

But sadly, I doubt that will stop the RFL from singing to the NRL’s tune.

RICKY Hatton inevitably stole the headlines following his sad defeat, but Martin Murray further strengthened his credentials as one of British boxing’s next big hopes last Saturday.

Murray, a former Wigan ABC fighter who lived in the town until recently, beat his opponent easily and is on the brink of a world title shot.

THIS is no joke.

Some Leeds fans were on Twitter last night moaning that Kevin Sinfield wasn’t on the shortlist for the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

Sinfield is a fine player. But he didn’t win the Man of Steel. How can a player who isn’t judged by his own peers as the best in his own sport, be in the frame to be crowned the best in all sports?!