Talking Sport - Hard work starts now for Caldwell

Phil Wilkinson
Phil Wilkinson

THE messages being sent out by David Sharpe and Gary Caldwell are encouraging.

It’s fair to say they are both making the right noises which hopefully points at a positive future for Latics.

But this is it now.

This is the clean slate we knew was coming, and they have one chance to get it right.

Is this the most important summer in Wigan Athletic’s recent history? Very possibly so.

It’s one hell of a rebuilding job, particularly if they are to be competitive next term.

Sharpe says he wants immediate promotion, which is obviously great to hear. But building a squad for the future that will develop over time could well be the key, rather than going all out on players in the hope they make an immediate impact.

The hard work starts now.

IT was a source of frustration for Latics fans that they were often last on Match of the Day. And after their relegation, they were then often last on the Championship segment of the Football League Show.

So following their relegation to League One, they may have feared they’d be on at daft o’clock next season – but not so.

Channel 5 announced today it will be screening a Football League highlights show at 9pm on Saturdays. Every cloud, and all that.

THERE’S no story in this paper about Ben Flower ‘set to be sued by Lance Hohaia’. Or any report that the Wigan prop was responsible for ending his career when he punched him in the Grand Final nearly seven months ago.

Yes, I know others have reported it. But I need more than that.

And so far, no one at St Helens has supported Hohaia’s claim, made in a statement to the BBC, that he suffered “recurrent post-match concussion-type symptoms”.

Indeed, Saints’ press release about the Kiwi’s decision to hang up his boots didn’t make any mention to any injury – only that “Hohaia has informed us of his retirement”.

And they made it clear they would not discuss the issue, with this firm sign-off: “St Helens will make no further comment on this matter.”

Meanwhile, Super League’s general director Blake Solly says they are satisfied the saga was resolved when both players were suspended by the RFL’s disciplinary panel back in October.

Which leaves us with Hohaia, who I sent a text message too yesterday, to ask whether he was planning legal action or taking legal advice. I haven’t had a response.

AUSTRALIA have lost three of their last five Tests. That’s Hull FC form. What a shame they decided not to host a Lions tour this year because they wanted a rest.

YES, I also bought into the hype. Yes, I bought the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. And yes, I wish I hadn’t bothered.

Mayweather may float like a butterfly but no-one stung like a bee. Like Chelsea, he proved being boring is often the safest route to sporting success.