TALKING SPORT - Let Haye and Chisora get it on - for free!

Dereck Chisora
Dereck Chisora
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DAVID Haye and Dereck Chisora are far too big for me to even think about slagging them off following their press conference scrap at the weekend.

You’ve all seen the footage by now, you’ll have made your own minds up about the gruesome twosome.

Aside from the shock of seeing Haye actually throw a punch this time, the Klitschkos must be shaking their heads at what is happening to the sport they represent so gracefully and respectfully whenever they open their own mouths.

Assuming they don’t cop life bans, there will be inevitable calls for a Haye-Chisora ‘grudge match’, which would certainly grab the attention of the nation.

But should the pair be allowed to profit in such a fashion after such appalling behaviour?

Call me a cynic, but I can’t help feeling that was the intention of both men from the outset, in the knowledge their chance of ever again fighting for the title had long gone.

Both men will, no doubt, claim that it’s not about the money. It’s about pride.

Fine. Then give all the proceeds to an anti-gun crime initiative or a children’s charity.

We’d soon find out how serious they are about settling the score.

IT seems an eternity since Latics beat Bolton to give themselves a real shot in the arm.

And if they beat Aston Villa this weekend – which they are more than capable of – the Great Escape III will be well and truly on.

AT last I’ve been treated to my first sight of a ‘Stobart Super League’ lorry.

In fact, I was stuck in traffic behind it for the best part of the three hours on a miserable Monday morning.

It just had to be the St Helens lorry, didn’t it – resplendent with the ‘glorious’ image of Jon Wilkin diving over. Typical.

WIGAN travel to Castleford on Sunday, and no prizes for guessing Rangi Chase will have featured prominently in discussions about how to handle the Tigers.

I’ve a feeling Sam Tomkins may have his own ideas of keeping the Kiwi, sorry Englishman, in the shade after his disgraceful Man of Steel snub last year.

RICKY Ponting has retired from one-day cricket after being dropped by Australia, with question marks about his continued involvement in the Test team.

I don’t think there’s been an opposition cricketer I’ve extracted more enjoyment from the sight of being dismissed over the past decade than Ponting. Which says a lot about how fine a player he’s been down the years.

RFL chief executive Nigel Wood is hoping to take next year’s World Club Challenge to Hawaii or Dubai.

Ten English pounds says next year’s clash takes place no further than 15 miles from my desk.