TALKING SPORT - The worst part? Had they won, they’d be 16th

I THOUGHT Latics would be down if they lost to Swansea, especially after Roberto Martinez labelled it ‘must win’.

I thought wrong.

Because incredibly, Latics are still only three points off safety – making their awful display, and result, last Saturday even more frustrating.

Had they won, they would have dragged themselves off the bottom spot and into 16th.

As poor as Wigan have been this season, four other teams have been nearly just as poor, with QPR, Blackburn, Wolves and Bolton also in the mire.

And Latics blew the chance to climb above them all, with a performance Dave Whelan described as the worst in a long time.

Any excuse that several of the squad were away on international duty – to such far-out destinations as Ecuador, Rwanda and Panama – seems almost hollow when considering both of Swansea’s goals came from a man who had played for Iceland in Macedonia three days before.

But there will definitely be no excuses for a repeat – especially with the luxury of an added day’s rest before Sunday’s clash at Norwich.

All eyes are now firmly focused on the game against the Canaries, who were somewhat lucky to escape from the DW with a draw on the opening day.

THE good news is six Wigan players are included in the England squad.

The bad news is, they don’t play any meaningful Tests this year.

With no games against the Kiwis and the Aussies, our elite must settle for a mini-series against Wales and France at the end of the season. At least we’re guaranteed to win, I suppose.

There will also be two matches against the Exiles in mid-season. I quite enjoyed the Exiles game last year as an interesting side-show. Even so, the decision to stretch it out into two matches, rather than one, is as baffling as it seems pointless.

THERE were a few raised eyebrows when Wigan lost an Australian international (Ryan Hoffman) and replaced him with a Welsh one, but Ben Flower has proved a great recruit.

There were many great performances in their win against Catalan, and his was up there among them.

TWEET of the week?

That belongs to Jamie Peacock, who explains the reason we haven’t seen any ‘special’ Stobart lorries is because they’re all carrying rocking horse poo.

And this from the England captain!

Apparently, only one in 20 of the Stobart fleet is decked out in Super League branding. Yet I must have seen 100 Stobart lorries since the deal was signed and I’ve yet to see a single ‘special’ one.

By contrast, when I travelled to the DW Stadium on Sunday, it seemed like every other car had the window sticker: ‘No pies are left in this vehicle overnight’.

Which got me thinking about the next potential sponsors. The No Pies Super League has a nice ring to it...