TALKING SPORT - Time to battle-harden the troops

SHAUN Wane can’t win. Even when Wigan destroy teams, he risks being accused of “peaking too early. Again.”

Of course he wants perfection. Of course he wasn’t happy with their flat display at Wakefield.

But he is also a realist, and knows everyone has their off-days.

Wigan had an off-day last Sunday, and still won. That, as one cliche goes, is the sign of a champion team.

Many front-line stars are struggling to be fit for Friday’s trip to Widnes, but that could be a blessing; at this stage in the campaign, a lot of Wigan’s success will come down to team management. And giving young players invaluable experience, to get them battle-hardened, can only bode well for the rest of the year.

The next time you hear someone talk about the more even distribution of talent in Super League – I’m surprised one of the nine (yep, NINE!) Sky Sports commentators didn’t mention it on Friday – just remember this.

Steve McNamara has named a 20-man squad to play the Exiles. Between them, Wigan and Leeds provide half the squad – and that’s despite the fact Mike McIlorum, Kallum Watkins and Danny McGuire all suffered injuries last weekend!

CHRIS Tuson is a very good player, but his move to Wakefield next season makes sense all round. At 23, he needs regular action – and with Harrison Hansen, Liam Farrell and Sean O’Loughlin well established in the back-three, his chances were limited. Good luck to him.

TWITTER. For immediacy, it can’t be beaten. Yes, I use it. But it is also a forum for someone, somewhere, to complain about anything.

Last night, case in point. A colleague spoke to Dave Whelan, who told him he had agreed a fee in principal with Everton for Roberto Martinez.

He Tweeted the news – as did other media outlets – and Everton soon issued a

statement to say Whelan’s comments had been premature.

But in the meantime, I saw several comments in Twittersphere from fans moaning about Whelan being so forthcoming with information.

What’s to criticise?

A chairman telling the fans what is going on – that should be applauded. I only wish other clubs, in all sports, were as open with their supporters.

FINALLY, I’d like to welcome Tom McCooey onto the Wiga n Observer’s sportsdesk.

Tom is a proud Wiganer with a love for sport in general and has followed the Warriors and Latics for years.

I’m confident he’ll be a huge asset for us.

In searching our archives before his appoinment – looking out for any Week In Court appearances – two stories appeared about Tom. His band once supported Bon Jovi, and he has a Han Solo tattoo on his back – which easily make him more rock n’ roll than Paul Kendrick, Greg Farrimond and myself put together!

Tom’s remit will be covering all sport, so if you have a story, and want to get in touch (or if you just want to look at his Star Wars inkwork) call him on 01942 506267 or email