TALKING SPORT - Wane has made Warriors even better to watch

WIGAN were good to watch under Michael Maguire. Really good.

At their best they were an unrelenting, well-oiled machine.

Yet incredibly, Shaun Wane has made them even better.

He’s not only guided them to the top of Super League – following Friday’s win at Huddersfield – and into the Cup semi-finals, he’s done it in style.

Wane has retained the energy, amped up the aggression and added an unpredictability to their slick attack. We’re not even at the end of May, and he’s already chasing his third derby triumph. He deserves huge credit.

I SPOKE to Leigh MP Andy Burnham last week.

He’s leading a campaign to have promotion and relegation reinstated into Super League. He obviously has his local club’s interests at heart.

Normally, I don’t like the sight of politicians meddling in the running of sport. ‘Let them sort out the running of the country first’, and all that.

But in this instance, I’m making an exception. Because many of the positives that licensing promised just haven’t materialised.

Clubs are still going bankrupt. Clubs are still looking overseas for players, rather than developing their own.

It’s to the sport’s great credit that rugby league isn’t afraid to try new things.

It’s doing it again this weekend, by taking the Magic concept to Manchester.

Good for them. Let’s hope they carry on looking to evolve and improve.

But sometimes, they’ve got to hold their hand up and admit when something is not working.

And seeing so many dead-rubber games at the bottom of Super League, seeing so many clubs with nothing to play for with half-a-season to go, seeing a play-off format that ridiculously gives a team in eighth a chance to fight for the title, I can’t help wonder whether this is one of those times.

IT’S official. Well, sort of.

Latics are second in the Premier League in terms of value for fans, according to the ING Direct Value table.

The bank compares season ticket costs with Premier League performance and entertainment value. Manchester City came out on top.

MY final thoughts on Chelsea’s dramatic Champions League win on penalties, after the game finished all-square at the end of extra-time.

John Terry, who celebrated in full kit despite being banned, could only have looked like a bigger idiot had he been wearing shin-pads.

Telling my kids it was ‘time for bed as soon as the game’s finished’ should have been reworded.

And as for Bastian Schweinsteiger, never have I felt as sorry for a German since The Scorpions missed out on No.1 with Wind of Change.

THE prize for the most ridiculous comparison in football has to go to The Mirror’s Brian Reade, who said news of Liverpool’s interest in Roberto Martinez “felt like kicking Cameron Diaz out of bed for Susan Boyle”.

I never imagined it would be possible to compare Kenny Dalglish to Cameron Diaz. Or Martinez to Susan Boyle, for that matter.