TALKING SPORT - Wane’s four words which are breeding success

FOR all his qualities, Michael Maguire had a knack of repeating himself.

Thankfully, his successor Shaun Wane has been far more forthright, outspoken refreshingly honest with his comments.

Even so, there are four words he keeps repeating over and over again: “We’ll deal with it.”

From his likely first-choice line-up from the start of the year he’s lost Amos Roberts, Stuart Fielden, Pat Richards, Thomas Leuluai, Jeff Lima and Harrison Hansen. Add Chris Tuson, Ben Flower and Gil Dudson to the absentees, and there is a lot of experience missing from his ranks. But Wane refuses to bleat about bad-luck or make excuses, and his motto – ‘We’ll deal with it’ – is helping to galvanise a winning culture.

Youngsters are coming into the team, knowing below-par performances won’t be accepted. If they’re in the Wigan team, they have to perform. Just how far can that attitude take them? Only an idiot would bet against them winning something this year.

THEY failed to progress beyond the quarter-finals but I found a lot to like about Roy Hodgson’s England.

The togetherness of the team was terrific, as was their hunger and work-ethic.

Those are qualities a manager can have a real impact om. It’s not Hodgson’s fault that ultimately, he didn’t have enough top players at his disposal.

The agony of bowing out to yet another penalty shoot-out was only made more palatable by the fact everyone expected as much beforehand. Shame the man from the Mars bar TV adverts wasn’t around!

But it’s crazy to think it seemed only yesterday when we were all singing along to the “30 years of hurt” chorus. It’s now been 46 years, and counting...

AT least one England fan can’t be accused of not doing his bit to help!

One cheeky supporter, positioned behind the goal, dropped his trousers in the hope it would distract Italy’s Alessandro Diamanti as he took their last penalty.

RUGBY league players’ lack of fuss about injuries never ceases to astound me.

Asked why he disappeared down the tunnel during last night’s match against Widnes, Paul Prescott replied: “I dislocated my thumb. They put back in place, no problem.”

If that was me, I’d be looking at a four-hour wait in A&E and a month of moaning to the missus!

PICTURE the scene: Andy Gregory conjuring up a chance from nowhere, feeding Denis Betts who in turn finds Steve Hampson in support....

Yes, it could quite easily be a scene from one of the old Micron videos.

But it could also be played out this Saturday, when a Wigan team takes on St Helens in a legends match during a special family day at Wigan RU’s Douglas Valley ground. The occasion is part of Sean O’Loughlin’s testimonial, with the skipper donating profits to his chosen charities.