THE COLONEL - Diet boost to keeping fit

DAVE, 36, asks: “What are the best supplements to support your fitness goals?”

Xercise4Less Fitness Guru, The Colonel, is here with the answers:

With ongoing training and a healthy diet you will be on the right path to achieving the physique you’re after, but there is certainly nothing wrong with supplementing your efforts to give you an added boost on the fitness road to glory.

Now I understand that when I say “supplements” it will spark off many different reactions.

Maybe you don’t know enough about them to so are wary of them; maybe you view supplements as a meal replacement; or do you tend to view the supplement world with “protein-tinted spectacles” and neglect the importance of other vital nutrients the body needs?

Well let’s start by defining what a supplement actually is.

It’s exactly what it says on the tub, to be used as a supplement to your diet - not to replace it.

If your diet is perfect you might not need supplements but the fact is this is not true for most of us.

So now let’s consider what I believe are great supplements for the average person who doesn’t want to be the next Arnie or isn’t on a miracle weight loss mission.

Firstly, Whey Protein; there is a reason for the protein hype.

Whey protein builds and repairs muscle, improves stomach health and prevents those intolerable hunger pangs.

Secondly, Fish Oil; this reduces inflammation and speeds up tissue repair after injury.

Next up, Zinc; this improves your immunity so ‘the flu’ can never get in the way of your exercise.

Penultimately, Vitamin C; this cleans up free radicals and again enhances your immune system - it also aids muscle repair and helps the body metabolise fat for energy.

Finally Vitamin D - this speeds up muscle repair, reduces fat storage and as a result will improve your overall health.

So there you have it. A quick guide to topping up your body with some extra goodness. Enjoy!