THE COLONEL - Fitness diary keeps you going

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JAMES, 30, from Wigan has a question for our Xercise4Less fitness guru, The Colonel

Q: How can I be sure all my hard work in training is paying off?

A: The answer for me, is in making yourself accountable. Keep track of each workout you do in a journal, keeping a food diary and work out diary.

Over time this will help you see which combinations give you the best results. A journal will also help you to keep motivated to work out.

If one morning you feel you just can’t part from the warmth of your duvet, then what are you going to write in your journal?

A morning off is not worth a gap in your journal, it will make you grab your gym bag and head out the door! Seeing all the pages getting filled up in your journal, goes hand in hand with seeing positive results in the mirror.

Record your progress in the gym.

Throughout every session record the number of sets, reps, weights you use, the distance of your cardio session and your total exercise time.

You can also make a note of where you finished, and what to begin with in your next session - there are also plenty of apps to help you do this.

Another benefit is it will help you identify your weaknesses, and what you need to concentrate on. So if you want to be able to run a mile 30 seconds faster than your last session for example, then log it.

Keep a food diary in your journal too, this will help you measure how changes to your diet are effecting your body.

If you stick to it, this will keep you motivated to beat your Personal Best. Then, every four weeks, test yourself.

Measure variables like your waist size, body fat, and arm and leg measurements.

When you’ve done this you can start to set targets and you’ll be more focused on your end goal. Simple.