THE COLONEL - Legs don’t work out themselves

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ELLIE, 32 from Wigan asks: I never focus on leg-specific work outs when I’m at the gym.

I feel they get enough exercise during day to day life. Is this true or should I pay them more attention?

The Colonel’s Advice: This is a question that rings true with many gym-goers, and legs are often left lacking in the workout department.

However, who doesn’t love a great pair of legs? - and they won’t work out themselves.

Agreed, we use our legs a lot during day to day life but most of us not enough to build up strength and muscle tone.

Research shows that exercising our legs at the gym not only helps them look fabulous but by increasing muscle strength we put less strain on the rest of our bodies and help improve our posture and bring a wealth of health benefits.

Day to day leg use only increases our endurance within our legs and does nothing to build up strength.

This can only be achieved by vigorous gym sessions and leg specific exercises.

What many people don’t realise is that leg specific exercises can help aid general weight loss as targeting these larger muscles creates more lactic acid and therefore more fat is burned when this lactic acid is removed.

So next time you find yourself at the gym, try some leg squats, lunges or burpees which will all help to increase leg strength and muscle tone.

Although most men are well acquainted with the weights section in their local gym, many women feel that by visiting this section we will immediately turn into a hulk body double.

However, a healthy balance between cardio workouts and muscle specific exercises is vital to overall body strength and successful weight loss. Your legs need you, so give them some attention!