THE COLONEL - Map out your fitness aims

DEBBIE, 41, asks: ‘In January I was going to the gym four times a week and felt really fit. Now I’m going just once or twice a week, any words of wisdom to get me back on track?’

Debbie, in all my years in the industry we see the same patterns every year.

In January the gyms are packed with enthusiastic new gym goers starting on their goals and all the cardio machines are constantly busy.

By February, the gym is slightly less busy and we start to see spaces on the treadmill again. The reason for this is that most gym goers embarking on a New Year’s Resolutions go hell for leather early doors and realize it’s way too hard to sustain, so give up in the first month.

The fact you are still going in mid May once or twice a week is better than many.

It sounds to me like you still have it in you, but have just got a bit lost on the way...

So what usually gets in the way of our goals?

Motivation? The weather?...Life in general!

Try to stop organising your training around your life and flip this on its head.

There will always be things that get in the way, and reasons why not to go to the gym. Use your diary or phone to split days into morning and evening, then mark the exact time you’ll hit the gym.

Also map out what you aim to accomplish in each workout so you have real focus.

Do this for six weeks and see what a difference it’s made.

Exercise Studies show that just by writing down your goals and intentions you’re far more likely to actually succeed.

It’s time to decide who the boss is- is it you, or that annoying little voice in your head saying ‘I can’t be bothered to go the gym today’?

Inevitably, you’ll realize it’s you!