THE COLONEL - Same old boring gym routine

DEBBIE, 30, from Wigan asks: I’m starting to get a little bored of my gym routine, and am beginning to lose motivation because of it. I don’t want to change my routine entirely, as I know what muscles I’m working on but is there anything I can add to my workout?

Here’s the wise words from The Colonel at Xercise4Less: You’re in luck. There are solutions to tackle your boredom. This is a common problem people face in the gym, but it’s important not to let yourself slip into the same routine. There are two reasons for this- the main one being you’ll lose motivation, and secondly, doing exactly the same routine every work out, means your body adapts to it, and becomes used to it.

This means you’re not actually getting any benefit from working out anymore.

Try adding ‘Supersets’ to your workout - combining two exercises, one after another with similar motions - really good to strengthen a certain group of muscles, and are great to add in between cardio exercises to mix things up a bit.

For example do a set of lateral pull downs to work your lateral and bicep muscles, then immediately take a set of weights, bend your knees and lift, to work your lower back.

Start with the exercise you find most difficult first, easing you into the second.

Do this two or three times, and move on to the next part of your routine.

Experiment with different weights and exercises, but try and work the same muscle group. Supersets are not only a great way to strengthen muscles, but they’re a great addition to your work out to put a stop to the monotonous routine you’re used to.