THE COLONEL - The three degrees

JENNY, 30, asks: I try to incorporate running into my cardio workout, and usually love it but recently am finding it a bit dull and I don’t feel challenged anymore. Any tips?

The Colonel’s Advice: Running is an effective form of fat burning, as it’s a high impact exercise.

Although you may have heard that slow paced running will get you in the ‘fat burning zone’, the way I look at it is that the more calories you burn, the more fat you will consequentially burn.

You can burn way more calories just by changing a few small aspects to your run.

Switching between walking, running and sprinting maximizes your workout as you step into the world of interval training; this challenges your metabolism contributing to developing stronger overall fitness.

By doing this type of training you’ll burn more calories in a shorter space of time and encourage more fat to be burned.

If you want to add a little spice to your cardio putting an incline on the treadmill can also help as you work against gravity – which increases your bone density, as well as helping to develop your muscles.

Make sure you don’t hold on to the sides of the treadmill while you’re doing this, as it cancels out gravity so is effectively cheating.

Through running on an incline you will really feel it in your thighs and in your calves, much more than you do after a normal run.

Working out this way will tone up your leg muscles, and you’ll see the difference in a short space of time if you stick at it. This will also make you a better runner if you do any training outdoors as it simulates the experience of running outside on a more uneven terrain

As just a three degree incline can make a difference ... what are you waiting for?