THE COLONEL - Two’s company in the gym

EMMA, 31, from Wigan asks: ‘My friend has asked me to start going to the gym with her, but I’m used to doing my own thing. Are there any benefits of having a gym partner?’

Here are The Colonel’s words of advice:

Staying motivated to go to the gym alone can be pretty tough. Unless you’re 100% dedicated, having no one else to encourage you can be a downfall.

Time goes much faster if you’re sharing your workout with someone. You’ll find you’re not constantly checking the clock.

If you stick to a long term fitness plan with a partner, it means you both have the same goals, and can motivate each other to achieve them.

It also means you can celebrate your success together when you reach them, and have someone else’s reassurance that you are getting results.

Working out should be fun and having a partner allows you to explore new exercises.

For example turning the ‘plank’ into a ‘partner plank’, holding the plank position whilst you’re adjacent to your partner.

“Add an arm punch by lifting one arm at a time and punching the air, both of you counting your reps as you go.

To really makes things harder, one of you hold the plank position, whilst the other jumps over their legs, with a squat after it.

Keep jumping over your partners’ legs whilst they hold the plank, do this for 30 seconds, then switch roles.

There’s fun to be had training together and a gym buddy can keep you going when you feel like you’ve had enough.

“If you feel there’s no way you could do another rep of sit ups, someone to yell at you and not let you leave until you’ve done them, is a bonus!

Give it a try and see if you’re both on the same wavelength - if you are it can only be a good thing!