The Emmerson Boyce column

Emmerson Boyce - Latics skipper
Emmerson Boyce - Latics skipper

FIRST of all I’d just like to say how delighted I am to get the chance to do this column.

It’s a great chance for me to give people an inside view of what’s going on at the club, the atmosphere, the so-called jokers in the dressing room, how we prepare for games and what we’re looking to get out of them.

Emmerson Boyce

Emmerson Boyce

I’m asked all the time by fans things like what’s it like to be a pro, what’s it like behind the scenes, what’s so-and-so like to know, and it’ll be good to keep that link going between the players and the fans.

At the end of the day, they’re the ones paying their money and coming to support us, and it’s so important to acknowledge that.

It won’t just be about football. If I can I’ll also look to talk about people in and around the club, the unsung heroes, what’s going on back home, charity stuff - basically everything.

I know I’m stepping in to big shoes following on from Mike Pollitt. He’s been around forever and has a very good viewpoint on the game.

I’m looking forward to taking on the reins and hopefully I can do it justice.

Polly told me how much enjoyed doing the column and having his say, and if I can do half as good a job I’ll have done all right.

It’s been a pretty eventful international break for me, being away with Barbados, but I’ve really enjoyed it.

There’s certainly worse places on the planet than Martinique to spend a week, in the hot weather by the sea...

The best thing about it was the fact we qualified for the next phase of Caribbean Cup for the first time in I think 15 years.

There’s so much talent on the island of Barbados - all the people want is a chance. We’ve got big stars like Rihanna and Cover Drive, as well as various sporting stars, and there’s such an opportunity for football to join that level.

I was the only pro who went over to play last week, and to qualify was great for the boys to get a little bit of publicity back home.

Seeing the joys on everyone’s faces was amazing, I almost had a little tear in my eye watching the lads celebrate.

I’m lucky enough to come back here to play football, but they’re all going back to their normal jobs.

I’m sure Rihanna would have been pleased with the results anyway.

She’s always saying she wants to support football - what better way to do that than support your own country?