THE GOSS - Kym’s small white wedding

Kym Marsh with fiance Jamie Lomas
Kym Marsh with fiance Jamie Lomas
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THE Tabloids are going crazy again over Kym’s impending marriage to fiance Jamie Lomas.

In May, Goss revealed that the couple were hoping to tie the knot next year, as they were focusing on bringing up their baby, Polly.

And now the Ashton actress has reaffirmed her plans.

She told national papers: “I’ve three lovely kids and a lovely little guardian angel who is looking over us. “The next step will be an intimate wedding.”

The guardian angel Kym referred to was her son, Archie, who died in 2009 following a premature birth.

She added: “We’ll probably go away somewhere. It will be quite last minute – we don’t want something massive, we want it to be intimate.

“If it was in Britain we’d have to start inviting everybody and it would become a huge affair. We want it just to be the two of us, our children, our parents and siblings and maybe one or two close friends.

“We’d probably have a big party afterwards for friends but we want quite a small ceremony.”

Meanwhile the 35-year-old insists her feisty nature is down to being a Wiganer.

She said: “We’re not known as shy, retiring little flowers.

“I used to be terrible for saying what I thought. Especially in Hear’Say.”