THE GOSS - never say never for carley

Carley Stenson
Carley Stenson

CARLEY Stenson’s return to Hollyoaks this week has whet her appetite for the channel four soap.

The Billinge actress reprises her role as Steph Roach in a one-off Boxing Day special, where she appears as an angel to character Doug.

She said: “I had been there for ten years, so it felt like I was doing something I had always been doing.

“It was a nice surprise. I had died so I didn’t think I would be coming back - but there is nothing Hollyoaks can’t do.

“I was happy to go back, but I didn’t want it to be a farce.

“But I liked the story and how it channels It’s A Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol.”

She admitted she would consider another return, saying: “Never say never. I always said when I chose to leave, before I knew how, I would come back.

“I love it there - it’s like my second home. In the future, Steph may come back. It depends on what I’m doing.”