THE GOSS - No more Hear’Say

Kym Marsh launches this year's Childnet campaign
Kym Marsh launches this year's Childnet campaign

HEAR’SAY fans will be disappointed to know that there are no plans for a reunion.

Former member Kym Marsh laid to rest any chances of the band, which was formed on TV show Popstars in 2001, getting back together.

Writing in her New magazine column, Kym, from Ashton, said: “A journalist recently asked my former bandmate Myleene Klass if she would consider a Steps-style reunion for Hear’Say.

“Myleene said, ‘Not a chance in hell. It was hard enough the first time around, with us all arguing’.

“I feel exactly the same.

“We’re all doing well in our individual fields, so there’s just no need to go back there.”

Meanwhile, Kym has relaunched a safety internet scheme for children.

The mum originally launched the Childnet Campaign last year, which give parents practical advice on discussing responsible internet use with children.

And now the annual campaign is back.

She said: “The campaign is to give parents practical advice.

“Studies show that 11-years-old is the crucial age for parents to start discussing how to use the internet safely and responsibly, because that’s kind of the age when they start visiting sites to download music.

“A lot of these websites that are illegal websites and it’s basically trying to discuss that and tell your children why they should visit the legit sites, rather than the illegal ones.

“Nine times out of 10, when you go to illegal sites or they try to download something, it’s not what it actually says what it is. It may let things like viruses pass onto your computer.”

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