THE GOSS - The sound of music for ting tings

Katie White of The Ting Tings
Katie White of The Ting Tings

THE Ting Tings are returning home.

The pop duo, which consists of Lowton-born Katie White and Salford resident Jules De Martino, will be performing at Sound Control bar, in Manchester, tomorrow.

They will be showcasing songs from their long-awaited second album - Sounds of Nowheresville - which is due to be released in January.

The album was originally entitled Kunst - meaning ‘art’ in German, reflecting how they recorded material in Berlin.

But after a period of reflection, the duo scrapped the album, which was supposed to be released this year, and penned more tunes.

Katie said: “I wouldn’t go to Berlin to write songs in winter - it’s just grim.

“After that, we were like, ‘ we need some sunshine,’ so we went to Spain and you can really hear the difference in the songs we wrote.

“The ones in Berlin are really melancholic and dark, and then in Spain, we’re like ‘hey! Sunshine!’ and they’re very upbeat and shouty.

“We discovered Paul’s Boutique, by The Beastie Boys and really got into Malcolm McClaren.

“So we ditched all those Berlin recordings and just went back and jammed.”

The pair also went to London and Manchester to find some creative flair and found travelling around really helped, even inspiring the album title.

Jules said: “Me and Katie still don’t own anything to live in, we don’t see our families much and we feel very nomadic.

“Sounds From Nowheresville feels like where we are at the moment.”

The delay in the album was also due to the fact the duo were born perfectionists.

Katie laughed: “If it was up to Jules we’d have been 10 years making an album.”

But Jules added: “Some bands make a record every year, but we came off the back of three years touring and travelling the world; we were squeezing something out of us that we weren’t ready to do.”

As the band prepares for their gig tomorrow, they are also working with local colleges to encourage students to design their costumes and sets, help make their videos and even pick their support bands in a bid to help inspire budding artists and singers.