THE GOSS - wedding wobbles

Sacha Parkinson
Sacha Parkinson

CORONATION Street actress Sacha Parkinson has been crying bucketloads as she says bye to her cast mates.

Viewers will soon see the Tyldesley star’s final scenes, as she prepares to wed girlfriend Sophie Webster, played by Brooke Vincent.

As Sophie’s guilty kiss with Amber Alahan comes to haunt her, it is unlikely the pair will live happily ever after.

Sacha revealed she was upset filming the scenes, telling New! magazine: “It’s been dead sad. I’ve cried loads.

“In January, when my new contract started, December felt like a lifetime away.

“I didn’t think about what I’d feel like, but, when I was doing my final scene, I got dead upset.”

Meanwhile, the 17-year-old revealed what she will be doing this Christmas,

She said: “I have a very big family, so I will be seeing all of them and I’ll see my boyfriend Josh and his family too.”

She added she plans to get herself another acting job, and ruled out reality TV.