The Liam Farrell column: Choose between Zak and Sam? No thanks!

Liam Farrell breaks through the Huddersfield defence last week
Liam Farrell breaks through the Huddersfield defence last week

LEEDS are a very good team, and they have some outstanding players – there’s no denying that.

But I don’t think they’ll be as confident on Friday as some people are making out.

I’m a fan of both players, Sam has proven what he can do at that level and I’d always pick him, but I think there’s a place for Zak too

Liam Farrell

We have beaten them in our last two games – and we did it when many didn’t give us a chance – so they’re probably going to be as weary of us as we are of them.

Warrington weren’t particularly poor against them on Friday, and still lost heavily. But that’s the thing about Leeds – you can’t afford to let them get on a roll.

If you let their forwards offload, you can end up making 10 tackles in a set – instead of five or six – and it drains your energy, and they can end up piling on the points.

When we played at Headingley earlier this year, I was sinbinned for preventing a try. It’s quite funny when I think about it!

I was offside, but it was a case of either let them score or take him out. I knew straight away I’d go – I didn’t give the ref’ much choice – I started walking before I saw the card!

Hopefully that doesn’t happen again on Friday.

Leeds have some outstanding talent in their side. I’ve played against many of them over the years, and with a few for England - Zak Hardaker is getting a lot of plaudits, and rightly so, because he is a talent. Would he get in my England team ahead of Sam Tomkins? I think there’s a spot for both of them. I’m a fan of both players, Sam has proven what he can do at that level and I’d always pick him, but I think there’s a place for Zak too.

He’s also played a lot of centre and maybe he could get a run there - it’s one for Steve McNamara.

WE started off scrappy against Huddersfield, they scored two tries which were disappointing from our point. We did pretty well in the second-half, and got a good win in the end. Good, because they’ll trouble sides this year. Good, because the points are important at this stage. And good, because it kept our home run going – we’ve not been beaten at the DW since we lost to Brisbane Broncos earlier in the year, and they’re currently top of the NRL. We enjoy playing there, and it’ll be beneficial in the three games we do have there at the end of the season, going into the play-offs.

I THOUGHT Leigh were quite unlucky to lose to Hull KR on Saturday. It was quite an entertaining game, and while there weren’t any shocks from the opening round of the Super 8s Qualifiers, I think there may be over the next few weeks. Some of the better games may be in that division.

Widnes struggled at Halifax, and Bradford started off with a good result – I’ll be watching with interest to see which sides will be in Super League next year.

THE new football season started at the weekend and quite a few lads took an interest. I’ve always gone for Man United, but I’m not a die-hard fan. I’ll take an interest in the league table, but I don’t watch them week in, week out. A few of the lads do, and a few others like Man City – Sam Powell is a big fan – while Micky Mac loves Chelsea.

BUDGIE’S got crossbar issues!

There are six rounds left, and it’s all getting very tense. I’m talking, of course, about our crossbar kicking competition!

At the moment,

Mossop and Budgie are on four points, Joel is on five, so he’s losing. Whoever’s bottom has to buy the lads a nice meal, and no-one wants to do that.

Budgie is injured, so he needs to get someone of his position to fill in for him - no halfbacks allowed - but I wouldn’t be shocked if Waney ends up losing. He’s already on three points, and a few straight losses is not beyond him.