The Liam Farrell column: Time for video refs at all games

Liam Farrell scores Wigan's first try
Liam Farrell scores Wigan's first try

I KNOW the video ref calls surprised a few people last Friday night - but I think it’s time we had them at every game.

I was surprised when Ryan Hall’s try just before half-time was awarded. I thought, in the build-up, it was plain as day that it was a knock-on by Kevin Sinfield.

The video officials obviously had other ideas.

Their opening try by Danny McGuire had a question mark over it, too, although - to be fair - I wasn’t sure whether my first try was a try or not!

Some you get, some you don’t.

But I still think we need video refs in every game. Why? Because there are so many tough calls for the refs to make now.

If I was asked to do what Sandow did in that video, I’d have walked out

I don’t envy the refs, I know it’s a tough job - I did one of my brother Connor’s games at St Pat’s once, and that was a tough enough gig, with all the shouts from the mums and dads on the touchline!

Our game is so fast, they need all the support they can get, which is why we should look towards getting video referees at every game.

Against Leeds, once Hall got his try it pushed the scoreline out to 20-4 against us at half-time.

I don’t think that fairly represented how we had played, but they got a couple of typical Leeds tries - off-the-cuff scores - which probably flattered them a bit.

We came out fighting in the second-half, we didn’t give up and we showed a lot of effort.

But we were a bit dumb with the ball, Leeds were a bit smarter and they defended well, Zak Hardaker made a couple of great cover tackles.

On the day they were a bit better than us.

I’VE seen Warrington’s video to promote this game, which shows Chris Sandow crushing some pies.

It’s all a bit of fun, but if I was in that position there’s no way I’d have done that. No way. I’d have walked straight out.

To be fair to Sandow, he may not have known what he was walking into when he did it.

It’s all a bit of fun, I suppose, and the fact people are talking about it probably suggests it’s doing its job - although I imagine Warrington fans would have gone to the game anyway, given it’s Sandow’s home debut.

He’s certainly a talented player - one of the most dangerous players in Super League, on his day - and he’s off-the-cuff, which suits Warrington down to the ground.

People say Warrington aren’t doing great right now, but they were in similar form to now when they beat us last month.

They bullied us a bit on that day, and I think they’ll come at us with the same attitude and try and go down the middle.

It’s a big test to try and be better than their middles.

IT’S great having Tommy Leuluai back at the club.

He’s over for a month and he knows a lot of the lads - it’s brought back some good memories.

He’s doing rehab with us, and helping out where he can and if he can bring some new things to us, then great.