Wigan Athletic guest player column - Haris Vuckic

Haris Vuckic
Haris Vuckic

It was great to make my debut for Wigan Athletic at Chesterfield on Saturday. And what a game to start with!

I’m obviously happy with the result – it was a great win, a great comeback.

On a personal note I was happy with my performance, and now I just need to work a bit more on my fitness levels.

If I can do that, hopefully it won’t be long before I’m able to do 90 minutes.

I still feel I’m playing catch-up in that respect, and obviously I’m still getting to know my new team-mates.

I was playing in a front three with Craig Davies and Michael Jacobs, and I enjoyed the way we were linking up.

Both of the guys are good players – Craig is big and strong, and Michael is quick and very creative - and we worked well together.

But it wasn’t just about us three, it was about the whole team.

The team always tried to play football, it wasn’t just long ball after long ball.

I’m the kind of player who wants to play football on the floor and create chances.

Last finish to the game was just amazing.

You find yourself losing 2-0 with 10 minutes to go, and then all of a sudden everything changes.

That’s what football is all about. The ball is round, and anything can happen.

But I have to say, even I didn’t imagine anything like that was going to happen at the end.

We’d already created quite a few good chances in the first half and perhaps should have been ahead by one or two goals.

If that had been the case, the game might have been over because you can control the game how you like.

But we find ourselves losing 2-0, and it’s a different game.

Thankfully we managed to turn it around, and the atmosphere in the changing room at the end was fantastic.

Of course it was also the first away win of the season, and the lads were in a good mood on the bus home.

That’s important - when you get good results, it’s good to be happy and enjoy the moment.

Hopefully we can build on that result now and take it into this weekend.

That’s the plan, and we’ve been working hard on the training ground to prepare for the next game.

We’ve been watching videos of Port Vale to work out how they play, and how we will want to play against them.

We’re confident that if we work hard and play to our maximum then we can beat anybody.

Three more points at Chesterfield has move us up the table, and that of course is the priority.

It’s not just about playing nice football and not caring about the result.

The most important thing is to get the result, to pick up the three points, and keep going as high as you can in the table.

n This past week has seen the latest round of qualifiers for next summer’s European Championships.

And I was very gutted for Slovenia, because we were winning 2-0 against Switzerland in the last 10 minutes only to lose 3-2.

While the result fortunately went for Wigan at Chesterfield, unfortunately it went the other way for Slovenia.

That made me understand exactly how much pain the Chesterfield players must have felt when we won.

But that’s football. That’s what makes it such an exciting spectacle.

You never know what’s going to happen, even in the space of 10 minutes.

Thankfully, we managed to win against Estonia and we are still third in the group with a good chance of qualifying for next summer’s European Championships.

n We all took part in the official team photograph for the season on Wednesday, which was a fun event.

It’s always good to see all the team, and also the staff, coming together to share a few words and a few laughs.

Being a new player, it made me feel even more a part of the team and the club.

At Newcastle I kind of felt pushed away, training with the Under-21s and not being given the chance to play first-team football.

That’s why I came here, and now I feel very much part of the club and determined to work hard for the team.

Haris Vuckic was speaking to Paul Kendrick