WIGAN WORLD - Memories of Roy at the Ritz in ‘66

WIGAN World asks. And Wigan World readers answer.

Last week reader ‘Yvonne’ asked if Roy Orbison ever appeared in Wigan?

And the answer was he did - at The Ritz on March 30, 1966.

David Plumpton of Standish supplied the date. But here are the memories of other fans:

Jim Stange, Jennifer Broadhurst and Colin Murphy say when the Big O came (and he visited several times) he had a broken leg and sat at the front of the stage. Apparently he’d fallen off his motor bike.

Josie Smith remembered Roy performing at the Empress Ballroom around 1956.

Brian Southern said at one show, the Walker Brothers couldn’t appear through illness and Roy ended up top of the bill.

Joe Stead of Worsley Mesnes said: “When we saw him he had a Scottish backing group. He was magnificent.”

Dorothy Devereaux of Hindley Green told Wigan World: “I still have my Roy Orbison show tickets. He came on February 27, 1965 and March 30, 1966.