Wigan World - Tax causes a stir

IT was deflating news when, last year, the chancellor announced that vat would be increase from 17 and a half to 20 per cent. But not yet.

Well, “yet” in reality was last Tuesday. And by gum, some places didn’t waste any time in slapping on the extra tax.

But what sticks in my craw is that many cafes increased the price of their food and drinks not by two and a half per cent but by FIVE percent.

Coffee on Monday - £1.80. Coffee on Tuesday, £1.90. Allowing for the new vat rate, the correct price should have been £1.85.

But the general view seemed to be that those little tiny 5p pieces are so small. So inconvenient. So easily dropped.

Why bother with them at all?

I’m sure that many of our cafes will have been generous and not increased the prices at all ... well not quite yet.

Am I moaning? Yes I damned well am.

It’s because so many folks can’t be happy unless they’re ripping us off.