You'll ever get bored of having a simple jam butty

Our top columnist Geoffrey Shryhane gets gastronomical with his nostalgia...

Thursday, 13th September 2018, 11:30 am
Updated Thursday, 13th September 2018, 11:32 am
Jam butties, the ultimate comfort food

Sometimes when I’m gastronomically stuck, or feel a tad tardy, I resort to one of my all-time snack favourite.

And my jam butties are made in next to no time.

And sometimes when I’m munching something bland, I think that I’d rather be demolishing what was always regarded as the food of the poor – strawberry jam butties.

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History records that the sandwich came to be called a butty thanks to us northern folks. And a computer graphic shows that the word butty has fallen completely out of favour. Me... I think the traditional jam butty is vastly under-rated.

And I’m not talking about dainty little butties which sometimes come as part of afternoon tea, but great sogging slices of bread with a more than generous dollop of jam oozing out.

After one of these, folk feel full for a fortnight. Another big plus – the vast array on offer. Talk about spoiled for choice.

I’m sad to report that the humble yummy jam butty last appeared in the list of popular sandwiches in the 1950s.

I recall mithering my good old mother about what we were having for tea. And she’d reply: “Three jumps at the buttery door and a slide down.”

The sandwich world is changing – and since 2010 our best loved butties – sorry sandwiches - have included hummus (whatever that is), falafel (another mystery) chicken and avocado, and brie and grape.

Posh munching or what?

And to be totally honest, things just haven’t been the same since Ken Dodd died and his jam butty mines went bust.