Yvonne Fofagvue MP - Condemning the ‘Strivers’ Tax’

MANY working families are finding things really tough at the moment.

They do the right thing: get up early, work a long day but still they struggle to make ends meet.

Many of them use tax credits and benefits to top up their income as without them work wouldn’t pay.

In the Wigan borough 26,000 families are currently in receipt of tax credits.

They are being asked to pay the price of Tory failure and to shoulder the burden of these cuts while millionaires are getting a tax cut.

Last week the Chancellor said it’s the shirkers, the people with the curtains drawn, who are affected by his cut to tax credits and benefits.

But it turns out it isn’t true.

The truth is that six out of 10 people hit by these cuts are people who get up every morning and go to work.

The factory worker on the night shift, the carer who looks after elderly people around the clock and the new mum who will lose her maternity pay.

These are people David Cameron and George Osborne never meet and whose lives they will never understand.

The people that are losing out here aren’t skivers. They’re strivers.

It’s hard-working people, trying to do the right thing, who are paying the price for the Tories’ economic failures.

What should be called the Strivers’ Tax will come before Parliament for the first time in the form of the Welfare Uprating Bill in January.

I will look at it but if the Government intends to go ahead with an unfair hit on middle and lower income working families while giving a £3bn top rate tax cut, then I don’t think I can support it.

I think working families in the borough who are feeling the pinch will be angry by changes in the Autumn Statement which will leave single earner working families £534 worse off, particularly when this out-of-touch Government is giving a tax cut to millionaires worth an average of £107,000.

However they try to spin it they can’t hide the truth - they’re cutting taxes for millionaires while millions are struggling to make ends meet.

This is an out-of-touch Government making the wrong choices and standing up for the wrong people.