Opposition decision is postponed

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WIGAN councillors have postponed a decision which could redress the balance of power within the town’s opposition parties.

Following a recent by-election and a number of moves between parties, the Independent Group has lost its claim as the official town hall opposition to Labour.

The title is now shared by the Independents and the Conservatives as a result of the move of Coun Christine Cottom from the Labour Group to the Independents, the resignation of Henry Cadman from the Conservatives, the election of Coun Lawrence Hunt for Labour and the shock resignation of Coun Bob Brierley from the Independents.

Both opposition parties now have seven members each, which has thrown the allocation of seats on its committees and panels into question.

Legislational requirements state that the appointment of members to committees and panels should bear the same proportion to the proportion on the full council.

But currently the number of seats allocated favours the Conservatives, which prior to the resignation of Henry Cadman were the lead opposition group, with it holding 17 seats compared to the Independents’ 14.

At a meeting of the full council, a decision was expected to be made to redistribute the seats in question more fairly, but councillors voted to The postpone the decision until the next Full Council meeting in April.

discrepancy over the allocation of Members concerns committees and outside bodies.