Oracle TV pundit Sam Brady makes comeback

A former self-styled hammer of the broadcasting establishment - Sam Brady, the TV pundit of the old Oracle teletext service - is back.

Brady, created in the 1980s by Wigan writer Steve Regan, used to criticise "middle class blandies in charge of the BBC" during his heyday on the service and its successor service Teletext until 2002.

Now Brady has been relaunched as a blog by Regan, 51, of Whitley Crescent, Wigan.

In a recent posting Brady is as provocative as ever.

He writes: "Suppose for a minute we Brits still identified ourselves by our choice of TV network; then I guess an ITV Person would now be nervous, short of money, insecure, bereft of ideas.

"And a BBC Person would be a Liberal-Fascist, hideously corporatist and obsessed with racial issues and feminism."

Sam has also had a pop at "pouting, lip-glossed news readers on Sky"... including fellow Wiganer Kay Burley!

Steve, who previously worked as TV editor of Oracle and as a newspaper journalist for the Norwich Evening News and the Hull Daily Mail, now works in public relations in Cheshire.

He said: "When I first started the Sam Brady column on Oracle I used it to warn that the great expansion of TV service then under way would not necessarily leader to better TV, and so it has proved.

"I am now using my Sam Brady platform to point out the poor writing and dreary copycat nature of programming across the networks."

Steve is a former student of St John Fisher High and St John Rigby College who has held numerous reporting jobs at papers all over the country, including Colchester, Ipswich and Aberdeen.

He says he enjoys being an independent blogger because of the freedoms it affords him.

"You can be counter-cultural, the boy who remarked that the emperor didn't have any clothes on and you can break out of that neutrality that most journalists have to abide by.

"I like to prick the pomposity of our leaders and other big personalities. Being a plain-speaking Wiganer it comes naturally."

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