Overnight roadworks noise fear

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RESIDENTS might be advised to invest in ear-plugs as overnight road repairs come to two busy Wigan roads.

In a bid to minimise traffic disruption, sections of Poolstock Lane and Highfield Grange Avenue near to the Marus Bridge roundabout are to be closed during the nights over the two coming weekends.

Those wanting to get round the Poolstock works officially face a three-mile detour into Wigan via Warrington Road, Wallgate and Queen Street, although locals will doubtless find shorter rat runs.

The roads are being closed for resurfacing and those responsible inevitably find themselves in bother with someone: whether it be legions of motorists brought to standstills during the daytime or locals upset at the din when they are trying to get some shut-eye.

On this occasion the latter option was taken and Wigan Council’s street works co-ordinator today said that the workforce would be trying to make as little noise as possible.

Tony Hemingway said: “We have a duty to maintain the highway to a safe and reasonable standard and that includes resurfacing main roads when it is necessary.

“We resurfaced Warrington Road last year so that will be kept open at all times on this occasion. But there is no way round shutting the sections of Highfield Grange Avenue and Poolstock Lane closest to Marus Bridge roundabout in order for the latest work to be carried out properly and safely.

“The residents have been told about the work and the contractors are told to keep noise down to a minimum. But with this type of work it does create a certain amount of noise.

“When you have work of this type you have to balance the needs of the traffic against those of the people who live there. It’s always a difficult choice to make but on this occasion it was decided to carry out the work at night.”

The two roads will be closed from 10pm to 6am on Saturday to Sunday July 30 and 31; the same hours from Sunday to Monday July 31 to August 1 and once more for lining and skid surfacing work from 10pm on Saturday August 6 to 6am on Sunday August 7.

There is a simple and relatively short detour via Warrington Road and Clap Gate lane to negotiate the Highfield Grange Avenue works.

But because Poolstock Lane is a classified road the street works team has to draw up a diversion along roads of a similar status, hence the need for a drive along Warrington Road to the Saddle junction then round Wallgate and Queen Street.

Motorists will still be able to get up and down the A49 Warrington Road from the M6 junction 25 roundabout to the Saddle junction at all times.