Pair clawed at gran’s face and stamped on her cheek

Some of the victim's injuries
Some of the victim's injuries

A COMMENT over a filthy toilet led to a grandmother being horrifically set upon by two women, one of whom stamped her stiletto heel through her cheek and then smashed a glass in her face.

The shocking violence on victim Tracy Davies suddenly erupted without warning after she had gone back to the home of one of them after they met through a mutual friend while celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Millstone pub, on Wigan Lane.

The group continued having a pleasant time dancing and chatting back at Jacqueline Phillip’s bungalow until Mrs Davies went to the toilet but found it was so filthy and blocked that she felt unable to use it.

After she pointed this out to Phillips, a 52-year-old grandmother, her friend Janet Atherton swore at her and shoute: “Who do you think you are?”and began clawing at her face with her fingernails.

They both fell to the floor of the kitchen and Atherton, 50, continued her attack and Phillips joined, pulling her hair and kicking her to the right side of her body and upper arm, said Henry Riding, prosecuting.

“As the complainant continued trying to defend herself she felt a blow to her left hand side and realised Atherton was kicking her in the face. Atherton was wearing stiletto heels and at one point a heel went through her cheek into her mouth causing injury inside.”

Atherton kicked her about five times with her heel to the face until the victim’s terrified screams finally caused her to stop but she then smashed a glass in Mrs Davies’ face. Mrs Davies managed to flee bare foot to a nearby bus stop and desperately rang her friend, who had nipped out before the violence began to fetch her partner, to come for her. As she had fled Phillips shouted not to call the police saying, ‘you deserved that.’

Both women denied the attack on New Year’s Day, 2012 but Atherton, of Redbrook Road, Ince, was convicted of wounding with intent and Phillips, of Bolton Road, Aspull, was convicted of the lesser charge of wounding.

Jailing Atherton for seven years and Phillips for two years Judge Mark Brown said, “You were both involved in a vicious and violent attack.”

He said everything was fine until Mrs Davies, 49, commented about the toilet. “It seems quite remarkable to me that should have prompted you Atherton to have reacted in such a hostile way.This was a horrific attack.”

He told Phillips that the woman had been a guest in her home and although she commented about the toilet “that could not possibly justify your attack. Instead of stopping Atherton from attacking her you joined in.”

He said it was clear from medical and psychological reports the significant impact the incident had had on the victim. She suffered multiple lacerations, extensive bruising, swelling and abrasions and she still has ongoing issues with scarring.”

Judge Brown told the two defendants, “It is clear there is very little remorse. The only remorse is for the position you both find yourselves in.”

Liverpool Crown Court heard that Atherton has no previous convictions for violence but Phillips had one for attacking a woman at a house party.

After the hearing Mrs Davies, who has been left with a dimple and two circular scars from the stiletto on her cheek, said that she had lost her job as a hotel housekeeper because of the attack.

She said she was happy with the sentences but pointed out she has been left scarred and is now on anti-depressants and has felt unable to move on with her life.

“I am still shocked at what they did and they have shown no remorse and were quite brazen and cocky during the trial. I had nightmares and flashbacks and I’ve not been out since and been afraid of leaving the house,” added Mrs Davies.

Detective Constable Claire Hughes from Wigan division, said: “These two women acted like vultures, and viciously attacked an innocent women who they had invited back to Philips’s house.

“They set upon her because she dared to criticise the cleanliness of the bathroom.

“The victim was so scared she feared for her own life and thought they were going to kill her, she had blood dripping down her face. When they eventually stopped she managed to call her friend who took her to hospital and called the police.

“These two women are now where they belong, behind bars and I hope today’s sentence means their victim can move on with her life knowing justice has been done.”