Pair jailed after shotgun drama

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Crime news
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TWO men have been jailed after an argument left a man with shotgun wounds.

David Mitchell, 30 and Sean Nolan, 26, had earlier pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court to assault and firearms offences following the incident on April 5 this year, which left the 39 year old victim with injuries to his leg.

Mitchell was sentenced to eight years in prison, while Mitchell was given three years in prison following the trial yesterday.

The court heard how Mitchell was seen arguing in the street with the 29-year-old victim.

He continued to berate him about the previous incident and, as he walked away after the row, was heard to shout: “Watch, I’m gonna get me gun now and shoot you!”

Later that day, at about 8pm, Mitchell, Nolan and another man went into Norley Shop and Save on Norley Hall Avenue and bought a number of black hats and gloves.

At about 8.50pm, Mitchell and Nolan approached the victim’s house and Mitchell fired a shotgun twice, once hitting the house and once hitting the victim. They then ran away laughing and Mitchell was heard to say: “I’ve done what I needed to do!”

The victim was found to have pellet wound injuries to his leg and a cut to his forehead.

He has now made a full recovery.

DC Cathy Gerrard, said: “No-one wants to live where people like Mitchell can march round and settle arguments with a firearm - they are now are where they belong - jail.”