Pal’s grief at dylan’s pit death

Dylan Aaron
Dylan Aaron

A YOUTH has told a Wigan murder trial jury of his and his friends’ distress after his best friend drowned in a deep fishing pond.

“We were all crying. We were all in bits. My best friend had just drowned,” said Daniel Bagnall.

He told A hushed Liverpol Crown Court that while he did not see or hear 17-year-old Dylan Aaron going into the bitterly cold water he heard him arguing with Drew McGrail and then saw him in the water.

Women relatives of the victim wept in the public gallery as Mr Bagnall told how Drew and his older brother, David McGrail, issued death threats to Dylan while he was in the Deep Pit pond in Hindley and would not let him out.

“David started shouting death threats to him. He was the main instigator of the death threats and abuse. He said, ‘You are going to ******* drown here. You are not getting out’. Dylan was trying to swim across and get out the other side. He could not get out because Dave and Drew were preventing him,” he said.

David McGrail, 35, and his 27-year-old brother Drew, both of Lancaster Road, Hindley, deny murdering Dylan on May 30 last year. David McGrail also denies assaulting Daniel Bagnall causing actual bodily harm.

Mr Bagnall, 18, said Dylan was angry and wanted to sort the matter out. They set off from Dylan’s home in Margaret Street to the pond, where they believed the McGrails were fishing.

He said there was a confrontation in which Dylan waved a strick at the brothers and David McGrail swung a deckchair in response. He reached around the back and took the chair off David McGrail. “I grabbed hold of him and took him to the floor. I ended up on top of him trying to hold him down.”

He agreed to let him get up on the understanding David McGrail would not hit him but Drew then pushed him trying to get to Dylan and David came at him.

“He hit me over the head with the chair. He ended up on top of me. Lee and Scott came over and dragged him off me.

“I stood up and by that point Dylan was in the water. He was about five feet out. It seemed like he was stood on something, he wasn’t swimming.”

“David told Drew to walk to the other side, he was effing and blinding. He was saying, ‘Don’t let him get out. If he does I’ll kill him anyway.”