Parents get no answers over tragedy

THE distraught parents of a baby who died three months after his birth say they are no nearer to getting answers as to why tragedy struck.

Following a three-day inquest, coroner Kevin McLaughlin gave a narrative verdict, stating that Luke Weaving-Shorrocks died from trauma to the brain which was caused by a cardiac respiratory arrest.

Luke Weaving-Shorrocks aged five hours in hospital

Luke Weaving-Shorrocks aged five hours in hospital

His parents, Victoria, 33, and Richard, 40, of Platt Bridge, believed that if medical staff at Wigan Infirmary had decided to carry out a Caesarian sooner, Luke would still be alive today.

But Mr McLaughlin said that the court cannot attribute blame and it was impossible to confirm that a C-section earlier would have saved his life.

The inquest, held at Bolton Coroner’s Court, heard Luke’s head was stuck in Mrs Weaving-Shorrocks’ pelvis, and Drs George Theophilou and Jennifer Davies, who made the delivery, said an earlier surgical intervention would not have made a difference.

Mrs Weaving-Shorrock arrived at Wigan Infirmary at 1am on May 17 2011. At 3.30pm a decision was made for her to go into theatre, where a suction delivery was attempted. After this failed, Dr Theophilou carried out the C-section an hour later, with Dr Davies assisting.

Luke showed no signs of life, until 36 minutes later he started breathing. This deprivation of oxygen had caused severe brain and heart injuries.

Dr Mark Clement-Jones, an independent consultant obstetrician, said he struggled to understand the difficulty the pair encountered and he would have elected for a C-section earlier.

But Mr McLaughlin warned: “He acknowledged that was a matter of judgement and his opinions have the benefit of hindsight.”

There was also speculation about how Luke sustained a skull fracture. Mr McLaughlin concluded it was caused at the time of the birth trauma, but it was impossible to say whether it was before, during or after delivery.

Luke spent only three weeks at home and died following a cardiac arrest on August 14, aged three months.

Mr McLaughlin said: “Luke’s parents noticed there was something wrong and rushed him to hospital, where he died in his their arms.”

Speaking after the inquest, Mrs Weaving-Shorrocks said: “We are very disappointed that some of the areas surrounding his birth trauma were not really explained. It has been very traumatic to go through it all again. We feel very grateful and cherish the short time we had with Luke.”

She added she was petrified during her next pregnancy, and Luke’s memory lives on through their twin girls, 23-month-old Phoebe and Martha. They also have two trees in their garden to honour him.

Representing the family, Linder Myers Solicitors said: “Victoria and Richard were robbed of the joy of having a baby. We will now be pursuing a claim of medical negligence against the t rust.”