Parents of injured girl plan to sue

Amy Houlton
Amy Houlton
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THE ANGRY parents of a severely disabled Wigan teen who developed injuries during a council outward bound holiday are now threatening legal action.

Amy Houlton, who lives in Lowton, returned from a respite-break at a hostel in the Lakes with uric acid burns to her genital area and inner thighs which needed treatment at Warrington General.

Dad and mum Edward and Claire Houlton believe this is because staff failed to follow the Langate Special School pupil’s nappy changing routine.

They have now written to Wigan and Leigh Magistrates Court asking for the council to be prosecuted. Mr Houlton said: “We took Amy to hospital the day she came back from Bendrigg because we were deeply concerned over the damage to Amy’s skin and they agreed that it was uric acid burns presenting as contact dermatitis.

“I fear that this is another case that will just fall through the cracks unless we hold the council to account and several other parents from Landgate I have spoken to are also concerned with this type of incident because there appears to be a continuing problem with the standard of care offered by staff at the school.

Council director for children and families Anne Goldsmith said: “The council takes such allegations very seriously. The situation was reviewed and we are satisfied with the results of the investigation.”