Parents’ school crossing fears

Coun Michael McLoughlin and Joanne Parkinson outside Mab's Cross Community Primary School
Coun Michael McLoughlin and Joanne Parkinson outside Mab's Cross Community Primary School

Parents have expressed concern after finding there was no crossing patrol outside their children’s primary school at the start of term.

Alarm was raised after Wigan Council confirmed the attendant who normally stands on the pelican crossing outside Mab’s Cross Primary School on Standishgate was given duties elsewhere in the borough.

Mums and dads said this created a dangerous situation as Standishgate and Wigan Lane are particularly busy in the morning and afternoon as there are two primary schools next to each other.

Joanne Parkinson, whose six-year-old son Leighton attends Mab’s Cross, said: “I think it is disgusting that he has been redeployed. Are they going to wait until a child gets hurt before they deem it a hotspot?

“There are two schools on the street and parking on both sides all the way down. You can’t move in the morning for people weaving in and out, it’s like running the gauntlet.”

Wigan Council confirmed that due to the presence of the pelican crossing on Standishgate the patrol at Mab’s Cross had been moved to cover somewhere with a perceived greater need in the borough.

Mark Tilley, assistant director for infrastructure, said: “The school crossing patrol at Mab’s Cross Primary School has been temporarily moved to cover another busier school crossing point.

“There is a zebra crossing at Mab’s Cross Primary School which is a controlled crossing which parents can use to ensure their children cross safely. The school have been informed about this temporary arrangement.”

The school said it understood parents would be worried about the lack of a crossing patrol but was also aware the council was in a tricky position due to financial cutbacks in recent years.

Head teacher Andrea Poole said she hoped the usual attendant would be back outside the school in the next few days.

She said: “We fully understand Wigan Council has to work with the resources it has and this is a difficult situation.

“We also appreciate parents will want to have someone on the crossing and we fully support them in that. Our priority is the safety of our children. We have encouraged parents to make sure children are closely supervised because we have two schools next to each other and that makes it a very busy road in the morning and evening. We hope our usual crossing patrol will be back very soon.”