Park thug jailed for robbery

Detained - Daniel Davies
Detained - Daniel Davies
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A YOUNG Wigan man who attacked and tried to rob a 16-year-old boy in a park has been caged for three years.

After pleading guilty to attempted robbery, serial offender Daniel Davies was told by Judge David Aubrey, QC, that if he continues offending he will receive longer and longer sentences.

The judge also commented on his apparent disinterest in the proceedings and suggested he “reflect upon your life and the way it is going”.

He pointed out that on 14 occasions Davies, who has 27 previous convictions, had been non-custodial sentences designed to help him.

“Nothing whatsoever has worked,” said Judge Aubrey. He said the 20-year-old of Ellesmere Street, Pemberton, had picked on a vulnerable young man and as Davies had companions it must have appeared to him as a group attack.

Harry Pepper, prosecuting, told Liverpool Crown Court the incident happened on the evening of May 21 after the victim and a friend left a Wigan park - just two days after Davies had received a community order for shoplifting. They were asked by Davies and his friends for cigarettes but said they did not have any and started walking home down an alleyway.

The boys were confronted by the gang when they emerged and Davies, who was drunk, asked what was in the victim’s pockets. He tried to put his hand in the victim’s pocket and when he objected Davies kicked him in the stomach and he had trouble breathing as he had been winded and has asthma.

“The defendant grabbed hold of his head and kneed him in the face with strong force causing his nose to bleed heavily,” said Mr Pepper.

The boy managed to vault a garden wall and tried to run off but he lost a shoe and Davies brought him to the ground and had his hands on his shoulders.

The victim shouted for help and a neighbour came out to intervene.

Before leaving, Davies claimed the boy owed him £10.

He was picked out on an ID parade and although his two companions were arrested they were not charged.

Kevin Liston, defending, said Davies had a difficult upbringing and had turned to drink and drugs and came under “negative peer influences”.