Parking fine climbdown after mum’s court fears

Robin Park retail park
Robin Park retail park
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A PARKING company who threatened a mum with court action for parking in a parent and child space have agreed to refund the fine.

Lisa King felt forced to pay a £100 fine after they threatened to take further action if she didn’t pay withing 14 days despite her having heard nothing from the company for months.

She received the original fine in July from CM Services Limited for parking in the parent and child bay at Robin Park despite claiming to have her six-week-old daughter Ella with her.

Mrs King, from Winstanley, said: “I rang as soon as I got home to explain I had a child with me however the lady said they had photo evidence of two adults only leaving the car. I explained I visited with my sister, mum and six-week-old daughter.

“The weather was bad so we put the baby in the pram and my mum took the pram under the shelter whilst my sister and I collected our returns for next.

“I appealed explaining this to their appeals department however it was rejected.

“I then sent emails in August with still shots of us all at the till together at Smyths Toy Store which was on the retail park on the day the fine was issued and it coincided with the time it was issued also.

“The manager provided these confirming the time and date and I forwarded this to them.”

As Mrs King did not hear anything back from the company she assumed her evidence had been accepted but months later she received a letter demanding payment within 14 days.

She said: “As I didn’t hear anything back I assumed they had accepted my evidence.

“However on December 10 I received a letter saying payment should be made within 14 days or further action would be taken.

“I rang the office explaining I had sent evidence in August however hadn’t heard back therefore assumed all was ok so the lady said resend and they would get back to me as there is no way they would ignore correspondence.

“I resent the email and also sent it recorded delivery however didn’t hear anything. I rang their offices on December 23 and was told nothing they could do and therefore I paid the £100 as was scared of the consequences.

“It was really upsetting and distressing me therefore I felt this was the only option to help my sanity as I feared of debt collectors knocking at my door.”

A spokesman for CM Services said: “As Mrs King’s first appeal was rejected the company had no reason at the time to revisit it until the reminder was sent out.

“We are no longer responsible for that car park so in this case we are willing to refund the fine.”