Parking problems

An accident in the car park of Tesco Express on Gidlow Lane
An accident in the car park of Tesco Express on Gidlow Lane
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IS this Wigan’s most hazardous car park?

Residents are raising questions about the parking arrangements outside the Tesco Express store on Gidlow Lane after three accidents there in the space of just five weeks.

In two of the incidents, which both occurred within the space of a week, cars collided with the fence which runs between the supermarket car park and a neighbouring property, causing extensive damage to the concrete posts and panels.

These incidents were preceded by an accident in May in which a floor-to-ceiling glass window in the front of the store was destroyed after a car drove into it.

Tesco insists the run of accidents is merely co-incidental, and there are no common factors linking the incidents.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s amazing that no-one has been injured. People are reversing straight off the main road and there’s no room at all. Two cars are manoeuvring there most of the time.

“It’s OK during the day but on Friday or Saturday evenings when people are visiting the chippy as well it’s horrendous.”

In the most serious incident, on July 2, paramedics and fire crews had to attend after two cars were involved in a collision which saw a green Fiat Punto pushed into the boundary fence, destroying several panels and their posts.

That was followed just four days later by another incident in which a section of the same fence was damaged. However, on this occasion the car drove off from the scene.

The emergency services also had to visit the store on May 29, after a car drove into the large glass window at the front of the store, causing it to close for several hours.

However, Tesco says the incidents are not related and it would be unable to enforce any changes as the car park is rented from a private landlord.

A Tesco spokesman said: “We ensure our car parks comply with health and safety regulations. These incidents, although unfortunate, were unrelated.”