Parking rules confusing motorists

Parking confusion for motorists
Parking confusion for motorists

RULES on parking perplex most motorists, according to a survey.

As many as 62% of drivers find the parking regulations confusing, while 51% get stumped by the process of appealing against a parking ticket, the poll by the British Parking Association (BPA) showed. Also, 12% of those who had received a parking ticket in the last 12 months got more than one, with men twice as likely as women to receive multiple tickets.

Drivers identified taking up more than one parking space (57%) as the worst habit, followed by parking in a bay you are not entitled to, such as a disabled space or ambulance bay, (44%) and double parking (35%).

The survey results are released as the BPA begins a know-your-parking-rights campaign. BPA chief executive Patrick Troy said: “It is clear that many motorists are often left confused by parking rules and regulations.

“While drivers, of course, have a responsibility to check the parking restrictions in operation, we must ensure that the rules are made as clear as possible to reduce the amount of avoidable charges.”

Disabled Motoring UK’s chief executive Graham Footer said: “It’s vital that motorists understand the implications that inconsiderate parking can have for those with mobility and accessibility challenges.”

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