Parlour fury over A-board ‘hypocrisy’

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A FURIOUS tattoo artist has blasted Wigan Council for ordering him to remove an advertising board outside his shop or risk a £1,000 fine.

Alan Colquitt, owner of Inkjections in Gerard Street, Ashton, says he is baffled by the ruling, having displayed the A-board for two years unhindered until now.

The reason given to him by Wigan Council is that they are hazardous and are an obstruction.

But Mr Colquitt argues that his A-board was close up against his shop so can’t understand why it is a problem.

Also, he says it is hypocritical of the council to sanction him given the amount of street furniture it has dotted all over the nearby pavements including bins, benches and their own signage.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” he fumed. “The council are just punishing small businesses for no reason. I don’t understand it at all, it’s never been a problem before so why now?

“There is no way the board was hazardous, it’s an absolutely ridiculous claim. They said if I left it out, I’d face a £1,000 fine as well as having to pay a release fee.

“It isn’t just my shop, they’ve done it to everyone. We’re trying to bring business to the town and they are just obstructing us,”

Mr Colquitt is now calling for some “common sense” and for the council to cut the red tape which has stuck itself all over the situation.

He added: “It’s not a case of ‘do as I do,’ it’s a case of ‘do as I say’.

“You go into Wigan town centre and there are A-boards everywhere but it’s just in areas which the council want to drum up business.”