Payback time for drug dealer

Drug dealer Malcolm Jones
Drug dealer Malcolm Jones
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A NOTORIOUS Wigan drug dealer may be forced to sell his house in order to pay back his ill-gotten gains.

Malcolm Jones was convicted of possessing cocaine and heroin with intent to supply, and at Liverpool Crown Court this week he was handed a seven-year jail sentence.

The 51-year-old, from Harvey Street, Ince, was also found to have made £53,727.09 through drug dealing, and was ordered to repay the full amount within six months.

If Jones does not make the full payment before the deadline, he will serve an additional prison sentence in default of 18 months.

He would still owe the money on his release from prison, and his assets would be seized to satisfy the order.

It was at noon on Thursday, October 7, last year, that officers executed a drugs warrant at Jones’s house, and recovered around £6,000 worth of Class A drugs.

Jones, pictured, owns his house on Harvey Street outright, as well as a Mazda M6. Officers also discovered more than £7,000 in savings.

He could now be forced to sell his assets and hand over his savings to meet the Proceeds of Crime Act ruling.

PC Peter Jackson said: “Jones amassed a mortgage-free property, car and savings due to his illegal drug dealing.

“Today he has lost his liberty and in all likelihood will be forced to sell his possessions to meet the confiscation order.

“The public should be reassured that we are determined to identify and bring to justice those involved in the drug trade and we have once again proven that crime does not pay.

“We will use all the powers available to us to stop drug dealers in their tracks and recoup whatever money they have made from their criminality. “The support of the public is paramount in cases such as this and I would encourage anyone with information about those involved in the sale and supply of drugs to call us.”