Payout after holiday is ruined by illness

Hilton Taba Hotel in Egypt
Hilton Taba Hotel in Egypt
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A WIGAN holidaymaker has won a four-figure pay-out after being hospitalised by illness on a trip to Egypt.

He landed compensation of £2,500 for contracting the diarrhoea bug shigella at the Hilton Taba Hotel in Egypt in April of 2012. The illness ruined his week-long break and resulted in his requiring hospital treatment.

It was five days into the break that the man began to suffer symptoms including stomach cramps and diarrhoea. This persisted throughout the last few days of the holiday.

He informed his law firm Your Holiday Claims that much of the food at the Hilton Taba Hotel was lukewarm. Many meals appeared reheated and breakfast omelettes were often undercooked.

Many of the facilities at the hotel were also in poor condition. The holidaymaker described the swimming pool water as “murky” and reported strong smells emanating from the pool.

He visited an out-of-hours doctor as symptoms continued on their return to the UK.

He was admitted to hospital for tests, where doctors established that he had contracted shigella.

Symptoms of the infection include diarrhoea (often bloody), fever and stomach cramps starting a day or two after exposure to the bacteria.

Shigellosis usually resolves in five to seven days. Most Shigella infections are caused by the bacterium passing from stools or soiled fingers of one person to the mouth of another person.

This happens when basic hygiene and hand washing habits are inadequate It may also be acquired from eating contaminated food.

The holidaymaker had booked the all-inclusive hotel through the tour operator Broadway Travel.

The illness he suffered at the hotel left him suffering symptoms of stomach cramps and diarrhoea for 11 days until April 26, 2012 and he says he only returned to full health at the beginning of September that year.

He said: “It was an awful experience. The holiday was a complete nightmare. So much of the food was kept lukewarm. The illness completely ruined the last few days of my holiday. I had to have tests for days in hospital after I was admitted. You don’t expect to go away on holiday and come back home needing hospital treatment for an illness like that. I’d like to thank Anne for her hard work in helping me settle the claim.”

Anne Thomson, Head of Travel Law at Your Holiday Claims, handled the case. She said: “The illness suffered in this case is very serious. Contracting shigella can not only ruin a holiday, but also have an effect on health for weeks or even months.

“Food which is undercooked or poorly prepared can easily lead to holidaymakers contracting infections such as this one.

“I would advise anyone who has suffered a similar illness to contact us, as they may be able to make a claim for compensation.”