Pensioner saved from kitchen blaze

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A WIGAN pensioner was rescued by firefighters after a a blaze broke out in her home.

Her saviours said that she was spared possibly far greater harm and her house further damage because she had been alerted early to the emergency by a working smoke alarm.

It was also a happy coincidence that the fire engine already happened to be in the area.

It was a 999 call which brought crews to a bungalow in Mellor Close, Standish, at noon on Friday, and it included a report that a woman was trapped inside.

Forcing their way in, the firefighters found the distressed 66-year-old in her kitchen and they led her to safety.

It soon became apparent that the blaze had been caused by a tea towel’s catching light after it had been inadvertantly left on the cooker.

It caused smoke damage to the kitchen, but had not spread anywhere else.

Firefighter James Marsh, of Wigan Fire Service, said: “The woman’s smoke alarm had gone off and it alerted her.

“She went in the kitchen where the fire was and as we were in Standish at the time, we got there very quickly.

“In fact the lady was still in the room when we arrived, so we got her out in time, before there was any serious damage. If it had not been for the smoke alarm, she would not have known about it and it could have been a lot worse.”

Crews used a hose reel and two breathing apparatus to tackle the flames.

The woman was conscious and was treated by paramedics at the scene, as she was suffering from a certain amount of smoke inhalation but she did not need hospital treatment.

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