Concerns over treacherous Wigan 'sink hole' that poses danger to wildlife

A Wigan resident has expressed frustration over the time it is taking the council to repair a potentially dangerous sink hole.

Dorry Cobley from Ashton, warned the authority about a large void in a grass verge near a footpath on the Fairfields development off York Road more than four weeks ago but said it had not been filled despite being told it was considered a priority.

Mrs Cobley said: “I first reported it on the My Council Services app along with some pictures and I rang them the same day.

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"I told them it was getting worse and was told it would be sent through as a priority.

A sink hole has appeared near a footpath off York Road, across from Cloverdale Drive, Ashton-in-makerfield. Local residents are concerned for wildlife, including hedgehogs as the hole is getting bigger each time it rains.

"Nothing happened, so I rang them again a few days ago and was told the same thing.

"Every time it rains it gets bigger. The soil keeps being washed away under the footpath.”

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While Mrs Cobley is concerned about children falling in the hole, she is also worried about what would happen to local wildlife such as hedgehogs, which are common in the area.

A close-up of the sink hole

She added: “I was worried that kids might hurt themselves.

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"We get a lot of hedgehogs around here. If one was to get stuck down that hole it wouldn’t be able to get out.

"You can’t see if anything is in there to try and rescue it because it goes so far down.”

A Wigan Council spokesperson said: “A small sinkhole on a footpath leading to York Road was reported to us earlier this week and following an inspection it was made safe with safety barriers.

“A further inspection will be carried out to determine further work required to resolve the issue permanently.”