Entries for the ugliest dog in the UK have been too cute say organisers

With the search for the ugliest dog well under way, the organisers have called for more submissions after initial entries are far too cute.

ParrotPrint.com who produce prints for our loveable pooches opened a competition to find the most grotesque mutt earlier this year, but have claimed that so far have not yet received enough submissions that meet the criteria.

One of the dogs entered is Peggy (pictured), but the organisers have said that most of the pets are in fact “too pretty.”

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Matt Dahan, founder of ParrotPrint.com, said: “We love dogs and it’s great that so many owners are willing to put their beloved pets forward for our competition but we need to be clear: this is a contest to find the ugliest dog in Britain.“We have had a strong response but so far 90 per cent of entries have been cute dogs. While it’s great that so many people want to be involved, we need to ask people not to send in pictures unless they honestly consider their dog to be one of the ugliest in the land.


A top 12 shortlisted dogs will be announced this month ahead of the selection of an overall winner in the new year. To apply send a photo of your dog to [email protected]

“We are looking for dogs who make your eyes hurt when you look at them. This definitely isn’t a competition for cute dogs or pretty pets.“If you think your dog is butt ugly then we want to hear from you. The winning mutt will be treated to a professional grooming and a before and after photo session.

"Let’s see if we can transform an ugly dog into a beautiful pooch and brighten up its owner’s life at the same time,” said Mr Dahan.

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Organisers have said that the entries so far have been too cute.Organisers have said that the entries so far have been too cute.
Organisers have said that the entries so far have been too cute.