Fishy goings-on at the beach for Wigan dogs

How about this for a fishy tale with a heartwarming ending?

Friday, 3rd November 2017, 4:04 pm
Updated Monday, 11th December 2017, 6:48 pm
Mickey the Westie with the dogfish

Leandra and Tony Mallinson, from Beech Hill, were holidaying at Seacoat Park in St Bee’s over the weekend along with their two dogs Mickey and Tilly, when they discovered a dogfish while out on a ramble.

The two West Highland Terriers were racing around St Bee’s beach enjoy the lovely weather when suddenly Mickey started to frantically bark in a high-pitched manner, attracting Leandra’s attention.

Leandra said: “As we got closer we could see Mickey pawing at something in the sand, and as we got closer we noticed that a dogfish had managed to beach itself in the sand as the tide was going out.”

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Having never seen a dogfish in their lives, the couple were shocked and knew it had to be returned to the sea as soon as possible.

Tony carefully picked up the dogfish and Leandra said: “We popped the fish back into the sea but what happened next just blew us away.

“It immediately swam straight back over to Mickey and they came nose to nose, as if it was giving Mickey a kiss and thanking him for saving his life.

“Naturally, Mickey has gone back and told all of his Westie pals how he helped to save the life of a Great White Shark.

"I’m sure it did look like a Great White to him!”