Fury over destruction of bushes at quarry sparks investigations

Pimbo Bushes QuarryPimbo Bushes Quarry
Pimbo Bushes Quarry
Lancashire Police and Lancashire County Council have both confirmed they are looking into developments at Pimbo Bushes Quarry in Up Holland which have horrified local residents.

Bulldozers have carried out extensive work removing bushes and ground cover at the site over the past month, neighbours say.

They are concerned about the effect this has had on wildlife in the area and are scathing about how the appearance of the quarry has changed.

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Following a number of complaints being made it has been confirmed that the work is being investigated.

Lancashire Police said they have been made aware of the matter and it was being looked into.

Lancashire County Council said its probe would concern planning laws governing the use of former quarries, as it is the authority responsible for plans around mineral extraction.

The authority confirmed staff had visited Pimbo Bushes to inspect the site and will see if anything that has been done should have had planning permission first.

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A spokesperson said: “We are considering how the works that have been carried out are affected by the planning legislation relating to dormant quarry sites.”

The extensive work at the quarry, located up a track off Pimbo Lane, has shocked and appalled those living nearby.

A photograph taken by a camera attached to a drone showed almost no greenery left except around the very edge of the site.

Neighbours say the quarry has been a haven for wildlife for many years and are particularly concerned that the work has been carried out during the nesting and breeding season.

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One local resident, Lindsey Dyer, said “I am heartbroken that the site can be bulldozed in this way, especially at the height of the breeding season.

“Any reputable quarry or landfill operator would work with local communities and the council and undertake a full ecological survey before going on site.

“No planning application has been made.”

Another resident, Graeme Tickle, said: “There are deer, hares and lots of birds up there. Now it looks like a lunarscape.”

Politicians from both West Lancashire Borough Council and Lancashire County Council have also visited the site.