Gin enthusiasts turn passion into career with new distillery business

A local couple have turned their passion for gin into a business by founding their own distillery.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 17th May 2019, 3:07 pm
Joe Tinsley and Emma Murphy of Springmount Gin

Springmount Gin has been launched by Emma Murphy and Joe Tinsley to celebrate the time-honoured traditional London dry style of gin.

Other news: Town hall staff get extra day of holiday or pay after award winThe Hilldale couple have been making their own alcoholic creations for the past few years and after some encouragement from family and friends decided to go into commercial production.

So far they have created three gin flavours, all of which are being bottled in a distiller on the shore of a loch in Scotland.

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Gin has enjoyed an extraordinary boom in popularity over the last few years but Joe and Emma felt there was space in the growing market for something they were struggling to find at bars.

Joe, 33, said: “We’ve got into gin more and more but quite a lot of the ones coming out weren’t really traditional gins, they were really sweet with added sugar and tasted more like liqueurs.

“We wanted to create a range in that London dry style using natural, organic juniper and other botanicals.

“We couldn’t find what we wanted so we thought we would make it ourselves.

“We’ve been creating gins for a few years and when we let our family and friends try them they started asking for bottles for parties, birthdays or other special occasions. It was all born from that.”

So far Springmount, named after the road the couple live on, has produced a lavender and lemongrass gin, a strawberry and raspberry one and a mint drink.

Emma, 36, said: “We’ve fantasised for many years about creating our own gins after sampling the many different infused ones out there and believing we have something unique and daring to offer.

“We were lucky enough to find a master distiller who shares our passion for fresh local ingredients, exciting flavours and, most of all, gin.

“We have been working really closely with him up in Scotland creating all our recipes from scratch.”

Springmount Gin has already had a public launch event with a stall at a local market and Joe and Emma will now be out and about in the region promoting their new products.

As well as the full-sized bottles, which are being produced in limited runs of just under 300, Springmount Gin is developing a range of miniatures for festivals and other events.

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